Ozone generator HE-150R


Basic ozone generator with timer powered by alternating current. It contains a patented, easily removable ozone cartridge with an ozone production of 4,000 mg/h. With the built-in timer, the treatment time can be set for up to three hours.

It can be used to disinfect car interiors, vehicle air conditioning systems, rooms and standard-sized apartments up to 90 m2.

Model: HE-150R
Rated voltage range: AC 220-240V/50-60Hz
Rated input power: 65 W
Rated fuse current: 1 or 2 A
Ceramic board (1 pc): 95x50 mm
Air passage: max. 3 m3/min
Ozone production: max. 4,0 g/h (4000 mg/h)
Max. application area: 90 m2
Noise (dB): 40 dB
Dimensions:  160 x 170 x 220 mm
Weight: 2,4 kg

  1. Place the device horizontally in the highest possible place in the area to be disinfected and connect it to the power supply.
  2. There must be not be any people, animals or plants inside the room to be treated.
  3. Close all windows, door etc in the space to be treated.
  4. In environments such as hotels with individual heating and air conditioning, switch on the internal air circulation or switch off the air conditioning.
  5. Set the timer on the device to the desired time (see below) and leave the room. After the set time has elapsed, the device switches itself off.
  6. Allow at least two hours after the cleaning process before using the treatment room again. Or ventilate the room before further use.
Disinfection area [m2] Recommended working time [min]
13,5 - 20 10 - 30
20 - 40 30 - 60
40 - 72 60 - 100
72 - 90 100 - 120

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Ozone generator HE-150R


Basic ozone generator with a cleaning capacity of up to 90 m2 (150 m3) and an ozone production of 4 000 mg/h.

Ozone generator HE-141D


Universal ozone generator with a cleaning capacity of up to 170 m2  (290 m3) and ozone production of up to 7 000 mg/h. The generator has two power settings.

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